DZOFILM Linglung 10-24 T2.9 MFT metric

Art.Nr. DZO-L102429-M

Professional 10-24mm Zoom Cine Lens for Micro Four Third with metric scale

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    The Linglung 10-24mm T2.9 MFT Lens from DZOFilm is a professional parfocal cine lens designed to maintain focus as you zoom in or out and reduce focus-breathing to a minimum. You can keep overall focus consistency throughout the zoom range.

    In addition to this, the lens has near-zero breathing, ensuring consistency in framing, and it provides rounded highlights thanks to a 12-blade iris. True to its cine design, it has a focus rotation of 270° and offers 26 focus marks along the range. Also, back focus adjustment of 19.2mm in small increments allows you to efficiently switch this lens between different MFT-mount cameras. The lens has a durable all-metal housing.

    With a constant T-stop of 2.9, this lens is great for shooting where there is little light available. Since Micro Four Thirds cameras sometimes have problems shooting in the dark or produce less of a bokeh effect, a large aperture like this is a welcome solution. The 12 aperture blades also make for a nice round bokeh.

    • Professional Cine Lens
      precise film-grade mechanical Control
    • Parfocal Design
      focus remain the same during zooming in or out
    • Compact & Versatile
    • Minimal Breathing
      near-zero breathing, allowing for decent expression through images
    • Elaborate Optical Design
      create a stronger cinematic feeling
    Focal Length10-24mm
    Focus Rotation Angle≈270°
    Zoom Rotation Angle100°
    Iris Rotation Angle58°
    Fine Adjustment on Black Flange±0.3mm
    Iris Blades12
    Close Focus Distance0.61m/2ft
    Filter Diameter/
    Front Diameter80mm

    1 x DZOFILM Linglung 10-24 T2.9 MFT