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    PERFECT MOMENT DSLR 3-AXIS GIMBAL STABILIZER is SHAPE's high performance 3-axis handheld gimbal with optimal efficiency for dynamic shooting, media production, and personal filming. Equipped with massive, well-built motors, and made of aluminum alloy, widely used as aircraft material, PERFECT MOMENT DSLR 3-AXIS GIMBAL STABILIZER has remarkable strength and optimal stability in lightweight. With its cable-less internal design, no errors or accidents occur from loose cables. Also, the gimbal is ready-to-use at all times with its stand-less design, eliminating possible inconveniences of set-up and withdrawal.

    The gimbal supports various mirrorless cameras and DSLRs with a payload of 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg). It can be mounted on RC car for dynamic ground filming and attached to drones for aerial shots. The gimbal can support VR cameras, jib, and wide-range angles and motions of handheld uses.

    SHAPE’s invincible Mayonte363 sensor maintains balance in temperature change and different environments. Many users experience slanting effects when the gimbal is exposed to an environment different from the conditions it was calibrated in. The sensor enables the gimbal to maintain balance in changed conditions and different environments.