Libec Rec start/stop trigger for monitor/recorders and LANC-equipped cameras

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    REC-LA enables remote Rec start/ stop for a recorder with built-in monitor of Atomos and Blackmagic Design and also LANC-equipped cameras. The remote control provides wonderful assistance to users while holding a gimbal with both hands or shooting with a heavily rigged camera.

    The originally designed REC-LA is compatible with an Atomos recorder with built-in camera while other conventional remote controls can not.

    REC-LA enables remote Rec start/ stop for Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic (specific model) cameras and camcorders.

    Quick start is available by just connecting REC-LA with LANC terminal of a recorder with built-in monitor and cameras.

    Battery-driven REC-LA is long lasting without power supply connection. The industry standard CR2032 battery is used for the remote control, so users can easily replace it with no difficulty.

    Simply attachable to a gimbal grip, a rig, a pan handle and a wide range of items.

    • Compatibility with Atomos

    • Suitability for LANC-equipped cameras

    • Easy Operation

    • Battery driven

    • Usability with clamp type

    • 1 x LIBEC REC-LA Start/Stop Trigger

    • 1 x LANC-Kabel