AtomX GigE/NDI


AtomX Ethernet/NDI Module with Ethernet connection, 1 GigE for Ninja V

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    Available: October 2020

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    The AtomX Ethernet/NDI module offers an Ethernet connection (1GigE), that makes transmitting videos live in broadcast quality over an IP network possible. The connection supports both NDI input and NDI output with coding, decoding, control and sync. This allows you to transmit, distribute and control from any NDI source with the Ninja V NDI. Simply install the Atomx Ethernet/NDI module, plug in the network cable and the source ist automatically recognized in the NDI network. The module is connected to the AtomX expansion port of the Ninja V and then also serves as a battery plate. The battery then supplies both devices with power.

    • Compatible with the Ninja V 

    • Module offers Ethernet connection with 1 GigE

    • Transmit videos live in broadcast over an IP network

    • Supports NDI Input/Output with coding, decoding, control and sync

    • Serves as a batteryplate for the NinjaV

    • Input/Output: HDMI/1GigE

    • Ethernet: 1Gb/s

    • HDMI 2.0: 4Kp60

    • Channels: 6+

    • Channels over 10G: 100

    • Encode/Decode: NDI HDp60

    • Latency: < 30ms

    • 1x AtomX Ethernet/NDI Module (ATOMXGIGE1)